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Sell Gold via Catalogue with Our Business Model

Friday, May 25, 2018 4:07:07 PM America/Los_Angeles

Selling jewelry is a very desirable occupation, and one that can lead to great profits and financial independence. In most cases, it is hard to find the means to set yourself up as a jewelry seller, because the investment capital required is so high. We have been jewellery traders for more than 20 years, selling chiefly to the Hispanic community, and now we wish to bring the benefits of our experience to that community, by allowing our members to sell gold via catalogue and keep the profits that they make.

A Simple Idea

Like most great ideas, the principle behind Oro Club lies a very basic principle. You become a member of our club, and we provide you with a wholesale price for some 14 carat gold. You receive a catalogue and the tools you need to sell this product. You own the jewellery that you are selling, and the profit is yours. Once you have received orders based upon the jewellery that you have displayed, you can then provide by the items that have been ordered, for a wholesale price, and keep the profits once they have been sold. This very basic idea can lead you to financial independence.

Sell Gold via Catalogue with Our Business Model

Join Successful Club Members

We are dedicated to helping all of our customers and club members to achieve financial success, and get great rewards for themselves and their families. With our help, you will be able to set up your own business, and start selling gold and jewellery professionally. Over time, you will be able to lease a building and start running your own jewellery store. It is the ideal opportunity to build your own business and experience financial security by working for yourself.Even if you just joined today, you could be selling gold very soon.

Get Gold at Warehouse Prices

When you are starting out, you will be one of our members whosell gold via catalogue. We will provide you with a catalogue, you can help your customers to pick out the gold pieces that they require, and then you place the order with us for the items required. We send you those items for a warehouse price, and then you sell them on to your customers for a profit. How much profit you make is up to you, and financial independence is within your grasp. To find out more about this club membership, simply call us on (888) 822-8282 today.

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