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The Meaning of the Centenario Necklace

The Meaning of the Centenario Necklace

Jewelry plays more than just a role in fashion. While the items you wear certainly enhance your look for the day or event, some of the things you wear will naturally carry special sentiment or meaning. There are the expected pieces like an engagement ring or wedding band, or even a unique locket that may contain a picture of a loved one, or a charm bracelet recognizing different places that you have visited or hobbies you have. If you are of Mexican descent, jewelry is available that can help you mark a special event in Mexican history and display the proudness of your heritage. There is an excellent meaning behind a Centenario necklace, and you may want to have one for yourself or for other members of your family.

What the Centenario Symbolizes

The Centenario is traditionally a piece of gold bullion that was minted in Mexico. The article was made first in 1921 as a way to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mexican independence from Spain. The coin was minted not to be used as a form of currency but as a unique commemorative coin to mark a day that is important to Mexican history. On the front of the coin is the picture of the angel symbolizing winged victory, or the angel of independence. Two Mexican volcanoes can be seen in the background. On the back of the coin is the Mexican coat of arms, featuring an eagle on a cactus with a rattlesnake in its beak.

A Necklace to Remember

Getting a Centenario necklace can be a beautiful symbol of your Mexican heritage and shows how important the history of your culture is to you. The necklace is perfect for anyone – men, women, or children – and can be a gift that you would want to provide to everyone in your family. The necklace is traditionally gold, just like the Centenario coin would be to carry the tradition forward. The entire family can wear the necklaces with pride every day or for special occasions that you may attend.

Purchasing a Necklace

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