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The Best Ways to Wear Your 14k Oro Club Gold

The Best Ways to Wear Your 14k Oro Club Gold

Are you a purchaser of Oro Club 14k gold? Not sure about the ‘fashion’ rules of wearing gold jewelry? Well, we have got you covered! Here are some tips on the best way to wear your  new Oro 14k piece to be fashion forward.

Make a statement!

Depending on how you are feeling you might want to make a statement with your jewelry. Browsing through our catalogue you can find plenty of options for rings, bracelets and necklaces. Going with a bold ring can be an easy way to put finishing touches on your outfit. It adds a touch of finesse and finery that can’t be had with other jewelry.  Earrings are also a great way to make a statement and Oro Club has plenty of beautiful varieties to choose from.

Hint: If you’re wearing gold today, allow it to be the real focus of what you are wearing. You can layer necklaces with a simple shift or wear a single dainty chain and pendant with a flowing summer dress.

Mix it up!

Although we sell some fantastic gold pieces, don’t be afraid to pair our creations with other metals. It’s no longer a faux pas to mix your silvers and golds! However, before you throw on all the jewelry, make sure that it creates and elegant and cohesive look. You want your pieces to work together and not looks jumbled or thrown on. Try going for a dainty gold necklace and simple silver rings.You’ll add some eclectic feel to your look without going overboard.

Hint: If you want to wear mixed metal necklaces make sure that they are the same style to avoid serious clashing.

Wear Your Favorites

One of Oro Club’s biggest tips is to simply wear the gold pieces that you love the most. We know you’ll love our pieces so wearing them often won’t be hard! Wear them as often as you wish and when (if) they go out of fashion, don’t sell them or toss them away! Gold has a great ability to bounce back in popularity. It’s even become popular for men and women to wear vintage pieces. Gold may go out of fashion for a few years but it always comes back which means it never really loses its value!

Hint: If you really love your tennis bracelet but you can tell that it 'slooking dated’ you can always pair it with another more contemporary Oro pieces to give it a little revival and make it into a statement look.

If you’re intrigued by the variety of style options and timelessness of gold you may also be interested in learning how you can sell gold jewelry and start your own business. If that’s the case,  becoming a member of the Oro club might be for you. Learn more by reading all about it in our "About Us" section. You can easily turn your passion and love for gold jewelry into a small business that brings you big profit.